TWN Contessa - Service Sheets

page updated February 19, 2011 by Dave

The following service sheets have been kindly contributed by Dirk in Germany. They are original factory documents and are therefore in German only. However, they are very well illustrated and with a limited knowledge of German, can be deciphered easily.

Although I have called them service sheets the German title is 'Kundendienst Mitteilungen für Werkstatt und Verkauf' which loosely translates as 'Customer Service Reports for Workshop and Sale'.

The service sheets have a number in the top right hand corner and each sheet refers to a particular job. Here is the list of the numbers and what the jobs are;


- F87 -


- F88 -


- F94 -


- F102 -


- F103 -


- F104 -


- F107 -


- F113 -


- F115 -


- F117 -


- F120 -