TWN Contessa - Seat

page updated February 24, 2011 by Dave

Seat is made by Denfeld. My scooter was fitted with the combined seat unit as opposed to the individual rider and pillion units. I had a new vinyl cover made, and had the frame powder coated. The plating on the springs was still good so they went straight back on. There was a bit of corrosion to deal with on the frame in its original state as would be expected.

combined seat unit - pillion strap not yet fitted


The hinged bracket was riveted originally which I drilled out to get the individual parts of the frame powerder coated. Since I couldn't repicate the rivets because of size I used 6mm stainless nuts/bolts. However the bolts were set-bolts only threaded part way down and obviously too long. I then ran a 6mm die down the unthreaded part, repeatedly checking it on assembly until the nit bottomed out on the thread leaving enough gap for the hinge to pivot without any side play. Took ages but result was good. Also the bootom of the hinges bolt to the rear body tub with nuts/bolts. The body is quite thin so I made two long stainless brackets with holes tapped in them to go underneath. You can't see them and wouldn't know they were there unless you put your hand underneath.

hinge mechanism - with tool tray removed gives access to spark plug


original condition of frame showing springs


original condition of frame showing hinge mechanism


rear springs for pillion


front of seat frame


front springs for rider


The colours on the springs were to aid correct location on reassembly, after powder coating of frame. The springs are paired in slightly different lengths.

front springs


frame & rubber sheet over springs (foam block removed)


Loads of tiny rusted little screws slot into a groove on the seat alloy trim. I think they were M3 thread and have an oblong head so they are captive when in the slot. I replaced these with stainless hexagons, but trick is to sit in vice with head up (vice loose ie. not gripping thread) and repeatedly spread head with ball pane hammer. Then file to fit slot. Another job that took ages as there are 20 or so! The mounting holes can be seen on the bottom of the frame in pic below, to get an idea of the spacing.

rear of frame showing spring hooks


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