TWN Contessa - Paintwork

page updated August 18, 2012 by Dave

Colour codes

I've been asked what paintwork colour codes I used.

The Contessa frame was powder coated dark blue. I have no code for this. It was a box the painter had over from an earlier job.

The dark blue bodywork is: Toyota dark blue 38

The light blue bodywork is: Skoda ice blue 74/77 code 4085

These are colours chosen by me as being near to original colour, just using magazine photos etc. for reference. Hope this helps.


Magnesium alloy legshields

When first painted a modern surface treatment was used to seal the metal prior to spraying the top coat. This had been used for many years on modern mag alloy wheels and was recommended by the painter. The result looked good and assembly was started. 3 months later small blisters appeared on the surface and within 24 hours the entire paint surface had broken down.

Help was requested from the Vintage Motor Scooter Club of GB who put me in touch with fellow members who were experts on German Scooters. I was advised to strip the legshields back to bare metal and treat the surface with Brush Alocrom 1200 made by the Trimite company. This was successful and now, nearly 4 years later the surface looks as good as new. Special thanks to the VMSC for the advice given.