TWN Contessa - Chassis

page updated February 22, 2011 by Dave


The handlebars on the Contessa consist of a central alloy casting with a short steel standard handlebar clamped to each end. I've seen at least three Contessas, mine included, with cracks around the clamping screws. The cracks on my scooter were two inches in length. All the area was vee'd out and alloy welded but broke again within days of re-assembling the scooter. After discussions with the welder we decided that the original design was incorrect in that it didn't allow the alloy to close-up and grip the steel bars. The alloy has now been cut through (see below) and the alloy casting rewelded - so far so good. This has been good for the past 18 months.

black line highlights length of original crack (same other side)


finish after welding and polishing


underneath of handlebar showing split now extending full length - original design leaves area to the left of the bolt solid


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